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Black Tiger Snake Bushwear

In document THE ECOMIMICRY PROJECT (Stránka 30-35)


The Great Southern is a noted area of ecotourism. High on the list of things to do is to go walking in the Bush. The Bush is not only beautiful though, it is often rugged and inhabited by dangerous creatures. The designers of the Black Tiger Snake Bushwear, for instance, have all been either bitten, cut, stung or injured in some way by various rocks, plants and animals as they walked through the Western Australian Bush. For this reason, they designed a complete body suit, similar to that of a wet suit, which serves as a light and protective garment against a potential dangerous physical environment. The suit is covered by small aluminium scales which mimic the scales of the Black Tiger Snake, being both flexible and strong.


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The author welcomes discussion about the Ecomimicry Project, the book, the designs, and the designers contained herein.

The author sends thanks to all seminar participants and to the following individuals for their help in organising and running the seminars and also:

• Elizabeth Karol, Nancy Spanbroek and Natasha Laurent (Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture), Jonathan Majer, Richard Harris and William Parkinson (Department of Environmental Biology), at Curtin University of Technology;

• Randall Jaspar (University of Western Australia Albany Centre)

Sustaining Gondwana Working Paper Series

Issue Author/s Title

Issue No. 1 April 2007

Professor Jonathan Majer &

Dr Servio Pontes Ribeiro

Alcoa Foundation Participant Contributes to Fourth Brazilian

Tree Canopy Course, held in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Issue No. 2 April 2007

Professor Daniela Stehlik Whose sea-change? Some reflections on transformations in the City of Albany, W.A.

Issue No. 3 August 2007

Dr Alan Marshall The theory and practice of ecomimicry.

Issue No. 4 August 2007

Dr Amma Buckley Beyond conceptual elegance: Local participation and the ‘model’ Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve.

All papers can also be found at www.strongercommunities.curtin.edu.au

In document THE ECOMIMICRY PROJECT (Stránka 30-35)

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