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National Knowledge Air Transportation Se- curity Centre and its Relation to Other Tran-

5. Conclusion

In the paper there are presented basic problems, connected with solution of the air transportation security, and the new realized or supposed technological solutions. New initiative in this area is CLD VŠO internal scientific project “Influence of Human Factor in Transport System to Security area”. During the first phase of project CLD VŠO together with a group of external co-worker from different areas of air transportation and in collaboration with Airport Prague and some other organizations elaborate conception proposed structure of such type a national security knowledge centre. This project idea was presented at the 1st International scientific conference “Air Transport Security 2012”, and continues in realization 2nd International scientific conference “Air Transport Security 2013” and different workshops for information exchanges between institutions.

In chapter 3 the security measurements accepted by other transport modes are presented. Currently when developing and carrying out the supply chain security control systems the following areas are highlighted:

High-speed railways for passenger transportation,

Urban and conurbation systems for the underground and railways,

Logistic chains which focus on sea container terminals and sea transportation of containers.

Apart from air transport, high-speed railways are another transport system, which will gradually apply security systems. In the area of logistic chains security and particularly in the section concerning container security there are many government and non-government programmes.


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doc. Ing. Jindřich Ploch, CSc.

University of Business in Prague Air Transportation Department Spálená 14

110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic ploch@vso-praha.eu http://www.vsopraha.eu

Jindřich Ploch been the head of the air transport department of College of Business in Praque since 2012, and currently holds the postion of Vice- Rector for Education College of Business in Praque. It is the guarantor of subjects aviation safety and security in theory. In the long term, he worked in the aerosapce industry of thr Czech Republic and the European Union.

prof. Ing. Zdeněk Žihla

University of Business in Prague Air Transportation Department Spálená 14

110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic zdenek.zihla@post.cz http://www.vsopraha.eu

Zdeněk Žihla has been engaged at the University of Business in Prague as a vice rector and guarantee for bachelor and magister study oriented to air transportation from 2006 to 2008. From 2008 year he is working as a professor and guarantee at Air Transportation Department University of Business in Prague. He is concerned with theory and technical applications in air transportation area.

doc. Ing. Ladislav Bína, CSc.

Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences Konviktská 20

110 00 Praha 1 SKYPE: ladislav.bina

e-mail: bina@fd.cvut.cz, www.fd.cvut.cz

Ladislav Bína was in years 1990 up to 1997 Vice President, Member of Board, Executive Director for IT of Czech Airlines. From 2007 – to date he is associate professor at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences and Head of the Department of Logistics and Management of Transport. He is also coordinator (responsible for EU Institutions) of Transatlantic Dual Masters Degree Program in the frame of EU-U.S. Atlantis programme.

Ing. Helena Nováková, Ph.D.

Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences Konviktská 20

110 00 Praha 1, novakhe2@fd.cvut.cz

Helena Nováková is from 2003 – to date Managing Director of A.R.D. CENTRAL s.r.o. company. From 2010 - to date she is Researcher

& Assistant Professor, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Department of Logistics and Management of Transport and member of the executive team of the EU project Transatlantic Dual Masters Degree Program in the frame of EU-U.S.

Atlantis programme.